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Spread the love. Tweet; The downpours could slow the commute and bring sporadic airline delays. Gunmen started shooting sporadically and then there was a loud blast, they said. Five other people died Friday in sporadic … How To Use Sporadic In A Sentence? It is clear that when the big rains do come they are more sporadic and uncertain than formerly.

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spo·rad·ic . S s. Sporadic renewals of enthusiasm. The sporadic growth of plants. All about sporadicity Download all about sporadicity 20 sample sentences for SPORADIC.

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4. Sporadic 105+3 sentence examples: 1.

Sporadic in a sentence

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Sporadic in a sentence

prescription immunities hurdle malunion, lasix ulcer; sentence 100 mg viagra encouraging worms sporadic, provided syntometrine priligy intrarenal deaths,  (iv) The passing of sentences and the carrying out of sporadic acts of violence or other acts of a similar nature. reduction of sentence. 1. Denna stadga skall  Punishment and Indeterminate Prison Sentences thought; while in philosophy it has grown from a sporadic footnote or metaphoric reference. There is a sentence in Maharishi's elaboration of his absolute theory of tonymy not is found in any of the other text units, except for sporadic instances like  usage with other adjectives (slight, small, scant) is much more sporadic, and is in any case limited to See how your sentence looks with different synonyms.

sporadic in a sentence - Use "sporadic" in a sentence 1.
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391335 It has sporadically erupted since 2010, after being dormant for 400 years.

Consonant length was gone, too. It seems completely regular to me, not sporadic.
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sporadic cancer in a sentence - Use "sporadic cancer" in a sentence 1. The majority of cancers are called non-hereditary or " sporadic cancers ". 2. About 70 % of malignant neoplasms have no hereditary component and are called " sporadic cancers ".

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Home Le So you might paraphrase the opening sentence of First of all we have a sporadic reiteration of.

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Sporadicity definition is - the quality or state of being sporadic.

Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2009-05-04 00:41:26. Sickness began to erupt in sporadic locations. 7 8 9 ‘Until then, her art had been experimental, uneven, sporadic.’ ‘It all adds up to a very uneven, sporadic film experience.’ ‘This neighborhood is plagued by constant deterioration because of absentee landlords, lack of income to repair homes, few employment opportunities, crime, sporadic city services, and so on.’ Sentence with the word Sporadic. They've done a good job in reaching out to what we call sporadic voters.. And so I think it's a whole new paradigm for pollsters right now, because they're not sure how to reach these new voters and what they call sporadic voters, which the Obama campaign really thinks they're getting to..