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#my photography 229 notes The Migidoll site says that many people make Jina into a boy. And, I did wonder if this was because of the size of the neck opening and for the same reasons that my daughter ended up making hers into a boy. Migidoll Jina HEAD. He’s from June 2013, therefore his skin is the old type (A Normal Skin).

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WinnieDee Ai by Zeroislove. MigiDoll Jina Boy by Zeroislove Cassidy is a Migidoll Jina. 4 years ago with 2 notes - Reblog . migidoll jina bjd . Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar :P. So today I received Max’s wig.

Millimina ~ Faceup Migidoll Jina - Dayviews - A place for your

Lounging. Article by Vanessa McClurg. 695.

Migidoll jina

Millimina ~ Faceup Migidoll Jina - Dayviews - A place for your

Migidoll jina

Yes it's going to be a Jina … [MigiDoll - Miho Vampire Elf ] Nevan Orion [MigiDoll - Jina Vampire Elf ] Tears Orion [MigiDoll - Ell] Rin Healmint [CP Fairyland - Minifée Chiwoo] Miku [CP Fairyland - Minifée Seorin Dreaming mod] Nikolaï [B&G - Sky Dreaming] MakioXIII [AliceinLabyrinth - Elijah] Meghal [Dollshe - Hound IM Tan] Raziel Legacy [DustofDolls - Krot Këte Migidoll Jina. 8 years ago 79 Minifee Rheia. 8 years ago 65 ♥ bjd Fairyland Minifee Rheia MSD. Minifee Marcia. 8 years ago 17 ♥ bjd Fairyland Minifee Marcia MSD. Migidoll Miho. Migidoll-Jina (male NS-A) (Draco)-Jina (on a FDoll body male) (Claymore)-Fairy Jina (on a FDoll body male) Volks-School C head on a SD13 body (Peeta)-DD snow Miku-DDdy with an unknown head (Luna) 2010-08-28 Migidoll Jina head: 02/09/20: Great communication and very fast shipping! - phietle (Buyer) Positive (02/01/20) Bodyline Cinderella Bunny : 02/01/20: Fast shipping and amazing contact, arrived in an angelic pretty bag which was really cute!!!

It can be sold for future doll events and events. Migidoll addRess_sindoplaza 402-4, Gosanhu-ro 121beonan-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea (zip code : 22647) BusinessLicense No. 109-12-68483 Owner_choi hanyoung So today I'm opening an awesome package from migidoll. A white skin Siho head, a normal skin Jina head and a carrot colored wig! YAY Find me on DeviantArt and Flickr! DAWGGYY BJD Migidoll JinaI'm in search of a migidoll Jina to buy. It doesn't have to include the body. If you have a head that you would like to sell I would be very interested. It does not need to include the faceup, wig, or anything like that.
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bjd rainbow migidoll supiadoll doll valentine  18 Nov 2017 Shin is a migidoll jina on a old aprilstory boy body. faceup blush tattoo piercing wig eyes by me. Source: Flickr / saskhart abjd bjd doll ball  Bobalashinpa–Migidoll Jina head, Dika doll jointed hands.

See what Crows (ef5cb6d55d32bf66d94cd726d9f81e) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. See what Sunil Rathore (teelurathore) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. See a recent post on Tumblr from @little-wonders-bjd about migidoll jina. Discover more posts about migidoll jina.
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minifee hands - Pinterest

•• Her faceup is by propertyoftheuchiha of FabuulaRasa Aesthetics. This slideshow is a compilation of photos taken of my BJD "Reese" who is a modified Jina boy from Migidoll ( He is on a Luts Delf boy body. Kyle was about to head over to Kris' place, things haven't been going so well for him at home.

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1200 x 800. zorge -  The latest Tweets from Salem Slaught (@SalemSlaught): "#Bjd #Migidoll Jina # Ringdoll Dracula" Migidoll - Sleeping Yujin & OE Yujin ~ Commission. Migidoll Migidoll - Yuri ~ Commission. Migidoll Migidoll - Jina ~ Coleção Pessoal (Personal Collection). Migidoll Jina (With images) Ball jointed dolls, Beautiful dolls, Bjd dolls · Ball Jointed Doll Makeup · A Rag Doll Makeup Look · Beauty on Cut Out + Keep · How to  Migidoll Jina by ~gardenofmoons on deviantART Coupe À La Garçonne Et Mèche Longue, Coupe. Coupe À La Garçonne Et Mèche Longue.

Millimina ~ Faceup Migidoll Jina - Dayviews - A place for your

Tattoo Design - Tribal. IcarusLoveMedley. 2012-12-05 BJD and LoZ/KH/NieR Fandom Blog Artist 100% Legit Hello and welcome to Onion Bulb Boutique! I love making BJDs beautiful and bringing characters to life through expressive faceups. I really enjoy drawing and have a BFA with a drawing emphasis, which I think really helps with my faceup work—and I’m used to art deadlines. Toru's answer to those who stare at him. Toru is a Migidoll Jina boy from <3 Missing my photoshop!

I got him directly from Migi. Sadly I left his certificate on my home country (I’m currently studying abroad). I´ll gladly ship it for free to the buyer when I go back in Christmas. Meanwhile, I can show the receipt from Migidoll as proof that he 06.04.2014 - Автор пина:YumeCS.